Kotila Spine & Joint Medical Wellness Center extends its expertise to the well-being of your furry companions with our Canine Adjustments and Exams. We understand that dogs are cherished members of the family, and their comfort and health are of utmost importance. Our team of experienced veterinarians specializes in assessing and addressing musculoskeletal issues and discomfort in dogs, ensuring they lead happy, active lives.

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Our Canine Adjustments and Exams begin with a thorough evaluation of your dog’s medical history and a comprehensive physical examination. We pay close attention to your dog’s joints, muscles, and overall mobility. Whether your dog is a working breed, a beloved pet, or recovering from an injury, our experts provide gentle and effective adjustments to promote comfort and mobility. We’re committed to enhancing your dog’s quality of life and helping them enjoy a pain-free existence. At Kotila Spine & Joint Medical Wellness Center, we treat your canine companions like family, ensuring they receive the best care possible for their unique needs.